Kia Warranty 200k


Williamsburg Kia – EXCLUSIVE OFFER

On all NEW Kia’s ONLY!

Williamsburg Kia believes in the strength of the standard Powertrain warranty so much that we offer a 20 Year / 200,000 Mile Warranty on All NEW Kia’s. The Powertrain offers protection against covered mechanical breakdowns of the engine, transmission, and drive axle Certain restrictions, limitations and or exclusions may apply*.

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Engine block and cylinder heads and all internally lubricated parts including pistons, piston rings, pins and cylinder sleeves; crankshaft, pulley, main bearings, caps and bolts; camshaft, camshaft bearings, buttons and plugs; timing gears, chain or belt and tensioner; rocker arms, rocker arm pivots, shafts and bushings; intake and exhaust valves, springs, guides, adjusters, retainers, and seats; pushrods and lifters; intake manifold; exhaust manifolds; balance shaft; water pump; fuel pump; thermostat; oil pump, cover, gears, pressure relief valve and screen; rotor housing, rotors, shims and silent shaft; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; turbocharger / supercharger assembly including boost valve, boost pressure control, wastegate, recirculation and blow off valve; seals and gaskets.


Transmission / Transaxle case and internally lubricated parts including ring and pinion gears; oil pump, cover, gears, housing and vanes; torque converter; valve body; throttle valve; valve pack; governor, gear and cover; parking gear and pawl; roll pins; sprags; sprockets; chain; springs; stator and shaft; pressure regulator valve; pressure switches; solenoids; bands; automatic transmission / transaxle clutch, drums, pistons, and steel plates; planetary and sun gears; servos and rings; blockers; synchronizer hubs and keys; bearings ;bushings; supports and shafts; control rings; yoke; extension housing; speedometer drive gears; accumulators and rings; adjusters; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; shift cover and forks; separate bell housing; transfer case and all internal parts contained within the transfer case; seals and gaskets.


Differential / Axle housing and all internally lubricated parts including the axle flange; ring and pinion gear/ carrier assembly; spider gears and bearings; pins; retainers; positraction clutches, plates and springs; cover; 4×4 locking hubs and electric or vacuum actuator; seals and gaskets.

We support Kia and the warranty offered. We go above and beyond the manufacture warranty because we believe in the product for our consumers in Williamsburg and the surrounding cities of Virginia.